Easy SSD Cloud Servers

Deploy low latency Linux, BSD and Windows VPS servers in minutes. TRACT infrastructure features ultra-fast SSD storage, a developer-friendly API, and key APAC data centre locations.

Tract's cloud hosting platform in Australia and New Zealand allows instant deployment of infrastructure, using our web-based control panel or API. Build and scale cloud servers, storage, networking, load balancing, and firewalls in APAC data centres. Whether it's dedicated or VPS hosting, Tract servers and networking equipment is perfect if you need resources available in multi-server environments, with 10GbE switches and fully redundant services.

Cloud Server Pricing

  • 1 Intel Xeon Core
  • 1024MB Memory
  • 20GB SSD Storage
  • 100Mbps Port Speed
  • 2 Intel Xeon Cores
  • 2048MB Memory
  • 40GB SSD Storage
  • 100Mbps Port Speed
  • 2 Intel Xeon Cores
  • 4096MB Memory
  • 60GB SSD Storage
  • 100Mbps Port Speed

Redundant Servers

Automatic failover initiates within 15 seconds if a hypervisor is non-responsive or offline.

Scalable Resources

Efficient network design that enables your cloud server to scale up easily as your application grows.

High Speed Storage

Distributed SAN designed for cloud environments. SSD storage and close to raw disk performance.

APAC Data Centres

Points of presence in Australia and NZ data centres, fully featured security and fire suppression.

VM Template Library

Huge VM template library with multiple x86 and x64 versions of all popular operating systems.

Xen Hypervisors

The Xen project uses open source technology. Stability and versatility make it the smart choice.

  • CDN Locations
  • HTTP Content Delivery
  • Streaming Media
  • Anycast DNS Service

Tract CDN Locations

There are 161 locations available on the Tract CDN network. That's 161 CDN PoPs we can use to build custom CDN services for your application.

Tract coverage expands on a daily basis, our CDN launching with 30 premium locations, carefully selected edge locations which gives global coverage and the best performance.

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HTTP Content Delivery

HTTP push ensures that content is distributed proactively to CDN locations. Our CDN also supports HTTP Pull, which ensures that content is distributed to a specific CDN location.

HTTP caching offloads web content, and ensures it is delivered faster by storing the content at the network edge, closer to the end user.

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Streaming Media and Video on Demand

The demand for high quality video is huge, and still growing fast. With Tract CDN you can deliver video on demand and live streaming, quickly and easily.

Tract's CDN live streaming capabilities are enabled by Wowza Media Server 3, the leading high-performance media server.

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Tract Anycast DNS Service

Tract cloud servers also gives you access to our fully redundant global Anycast DNS service. Our Anycast DNS service is hosted at datacentres around the world.

You can use our DNS service to manage your domains, using straightforward tools in your Tract Control Panel.

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    Tract technicians are available for support 24/7. Our cloud administrators are here to assist you in managing your cloud server.
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