Cloud Servers. Linux and Windows templates.

The TRACT cloud hosting platform in Australia and New Zealand allows instant deployment of cloud servers, using our web-based control panel or API. Build and scale cloud servers in global data centres with SSD storage.

Deploy Cloud Server

Website Hosting. cPanel hosting provider.

Use our shared hosting cloud platform to improve overall site performance on enterprise grade technology. TRACT powers shared hosting on the cloud with SSD servers and cPanel, the industry leader in hosting control panels.

Hosting Packages

Content Delivery Network. Global caching servers.

There are 170+ locations available on the TRACT CDN network. Network coverage expands on a daily basis - our CDN consists of carefully selected edge hardware giving global coverage and the best content and media delivery performance.

CDN Performance

Anycast DNS. Distributed geographic locations.

Anycast DNS allows multiple global DNS servers to use the same IP address, directing the request to the closest geographic location. The server nearest to the request location will load your website, decreasing latency and load times.

DNS Stability